This annotated list includes selected resources that are either published by the U.S. Government or have curricular materials to assist in teaching and learning about Federal Government legislation.

  • American Presidency from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History has activities, resources, and teaching materials on the lives of the U.S. Presidents.

  • Children’s Books and Web Sites about the U.S. Government from the U.S. Senate includes Web sites and books for kids and young adults on congress, the Constitution, elections, how Government works, the Presidency, and more.

  • Legislative Resources for Teachers from the Library of Congress has classroom activities, lesson plans, primary sources, and additional educational resources on Congress and legislation.

  • Smithsonian Education has lesson plans on government and law, American history, and other areas. Search on standards by state, grade, and state Standards of Learning categories.

  • Tools for Educators from the National Archives has links to a Teacher Sourcebook, teachable documents, and tips on integrating historical Government documents into the curriculum.

  • shows how the U.S. Government is organized, has a complete list of all Federal agencies with contact information, has links to state and local government, and links to contact Federal, state, and local officials.

  • The U.S. Capitol Visitor Center site includes student programs, lesson plans on U.S. Government and history topics, and educational resources to implement in the classroom as well as to prepare for visiting the Capitol Building and Visitor Center in Washington, DC.

  • U.S. Census Bureau has lesson plans and teaching resources that utilize national, state and local population and geographical data.

  • U. S. Courts Educational Resources has information on the Federal courts, learning tools on debating and deliberation, and civic engagement exercises on legal and constitutional topics.