In this Learning Adventure, we’ll find out who designed the Branches of Government and why they’re so important.

In 1787, when the United States was still a new country, a meeting of State delegates gathered to make decisions about how the Government would be run. The meeting was called the Constitutional Convention. Many of the people who attended the Constitutional Convention are today called the Founding Fathers. The main goal of the Convention was to create a Government balanced between Federal power and individual, fundamental rights. At the end of the Convention, the delegates wrote a Constitution. That same Constitution still determines how the U.S. Government works today. It is the supreme law of the land, the source of all Government powers, and provides important limitations on the Government to protect the rights of every U.S. citizen.

Do you know which branch of Government the President of the United States is part of? Find the answer (and more) on this Branches of Government Infographic.