Ben Franklin’s legacy lives on today. How many of these "Bens" did you know about?

  1. His image was engraved on the Franklin half-dollar, in circulation from 1948 to 1963.
  2. His image is engraved on the $100 bill:
  3. The Library Company that he founded in 1731 still exists in Philadelphia.
  4. The American Philosophical Society, advocated for by Ben Franklin, still exists in Philadelphia:
  5. The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, founded in 1824 in honor of Franklin’s work in science, is an interactive museum that is dedicated to education in fields of science and technology:
  6. Franklin’s image appeared on the very first U.S. postage stamps issued in 1847 and has appeared on a number of stamps since then.
  7. His image has appeared on U.S. Savings Bonds:
  8. The Benjamin Franklin National Memorial in Philadelphia, PA, honors Ben and his legacy:
  9. Numerous places, such as counties, townships, municipalities, schools, colleges, and businesses are named after Benjamin Franklin; there is even a crater on the moon named after him.