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The Original 13 States

Ben is writing an article for his paper about the states and the Constitutional Convention. Help him identify state trivia to include.

Crossword Puzzle


2. The ninth state to ratify the Constitution, making it a binding document
(12 letters)
3. This southern "Tarheel State" originally voted against the Constitution
but finally ratified it after George Washington was inaugurated
(13 letters)
8. Charles Pinckney, one of the four Convention delegates from the
"Palmetto State" later served as its governor (13 letters)
9. This state was the first to ratify the Constitution and so its nickname
became "The First State" (8 letters)
10. This state's plan called for equal representation in the legislative body
(9 letters)
11. William Leigh Pierce, from this state, published notes from the
Convention in the Savannah Georgian (1828) that included character
sketches of delegates (7 letters)
12. Benjamin Franklin represented this state at the Convention (12 letters)
13. Roger Sherman, who proposed the "Great Compromise" was from
this state (11 letters)


1. This state's plan called for representation in the legislative body based
on population (8 letters)
4. The first capital of the United States after the Constitution was ratified
was in this state (7 letters)
5. This state was the site of the Annapolis Convention (8 letters)
6. The only state that did not send delegates to the Convention and the
very last state to ratify the Constitution (11 letters)
7. John Adams was asked to represent this New England state at the
Convention, but he was unable to attend (13 letters)

Stumped? Here are the answers.